Outsourcing your logistics to a reputable freight brokerage can provide many benefits to support your businesses’ growth and improve supply chain efficiency. The relationship between you and your freight broker should be built on transparency, communication and most importantly, trust. Keep reading to learn about the five things you should consider when hiring a third-party logistics company.

Services Offered

Freight brokerages that offer a wide range of services provide shippers access to additional capacity solutions when one mode may be tight or expensive in comparison to another. A reputable and experienced brokerage will advise you on which transportation mode best fits your shipping needs, bringing additional value to your business overall.

Carrier Relationships

Established freight brokers continually build and maintain relationships with a vast network of carriers. These carrier relationships can span the length of North America and in some cases worldwide, providing shippers’ transportation solutions around the globe. By leveraging the carrier network of a freight brokerage, your shipping needs can be executed in the most cost effective and efficient way.

Risk Reduction

Logistics is an ever-changing industry that requires continual monitoring and education. Your freight broker should have the technology platforms and processes in place to properly vet and monitor carriers to ensure they are qualified to haul your freight. It is vital for a freight brokerage to stay up to date with technology developments and best industry practices to lower risk and improve service.

Improved Customer Service

Coordinating shipments can be a complicated process with the possibility of encountering several variables such as traffic delays, weather, or any transportation related issue. Although a freight brokerage cannot control these factors, they have the experience and network connections to best handle and avoid service interruptions.  A freight brokerage like Somerset Logistics offers 24/7 customer service to meet shipping deadlines, reduce wait times and streamline your supply chain.


Partnering with a freight brokerage you trust is crucial. To ensure the logistics broker is reputable, you should look into how long the company has been in business. Established freight brokers have the necessary experience, knowledge, and carrier relationships critical to succeeding in the industry. Here are some things you should look out for:

  • Communication: Does the company respond quickly when someone reaches out? Are they about to meet a client’s needs and expectations?
  • Carrier Compliance: What is their carrier verification and vetting process? Do they verify the carrier’s operating authority, insurance and safety rating?
  • Proper Licensing: Are they a licensed property broker through the FMCSA?
  • References: Are they members of various trade associations? Such as the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA)?

Choose Somerset Logistics for Your Third-Party Logistics Needs

At Somerset Logistics, our customer focused logistics broker company offers a variety of transportation services including full truckload shipping, expedited freight shipping, intermodal freight transport, oversize/overweight loads, flatbed shipping and more.

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