Are you considering moving to a new freight brokerage? Choosing the right freight agent program can be a daunting task, but the impact for your book of business can be extraordinary. At Somerset Logistics, we understand the importance of preventing risks or interruptions in your services, which could potentially impact customers. Somerset Logistics is a partner that will set you up for success and help to make a seamless transition for your book of business.

Do Your Research 

It is important to consider what you need in a brokerage. Some of the key questions to ask yourself include: Does this brokerage offer competitive payouts? Does they have an extensive network of carriers? What technology platforms are available to help me manage my business? Can I get the customer service support I need? How easily can I access back-office resources? By taking these steps, you will be able to ensure that you are finding a company that’s the right fit for you and your customers.

It is important to ensure that the new freight brokerage you are consider aligning with will provide you with the support and resources necessary for success. Follow these tips to stay organized during your transition and make the process as smooth as possible.

Making the Switch 

Once you have found the freight brokerage that fits your needs best, you can take the steps below in order to make the switch: 

  • Verify customer availability with your new brokerage. Somerset Logistics will review your shipper accounts and locations to verify the customer is available to the agent. Due to Somerset’s low market saturation, we rarely have customer conflicts when bringing on new agents.
  • Review customer credit expectations. When transitioning accounts to a new brokerage, Somerset will review your customers’ credit history and payment terms to establish a credit line that fits your customers’ needs. We pride ourselves on our financial stability, providing you and your customers’ a sense of security.
  • Inform your customers of your intent to switch. Explain the benefit of transitioning to a new brokerage to your customers, for both yourself and their business. If your customer understands their business will benefit from the transition, they will be more likely to set up with a new company. It is important to have transparent conversations with your customers to help mitigate any concerns they may have.
  • Review customer contracts. Several customers require brokers to sign a contract prior to providing transportation services. Somerset’s legal partners and agent support team will review and sign customer contracts. We understand the importance of customer confidentiality, and can sign customer NDA agreements.
  • Finalize the transition to your new brokerage. Keep your customer informed and alert them to the confirmed transition date. Provide your customer with your new brokerage’s information and documents. 

Work with the Experts at Somerset Logistics 

Considering changing your freight brokerage partner? No matter what questions you may have about the process, the experts at Somerset Logistics are here to help you make a seamless transition. 

From strengthening network relationships to securing types of equipment, and creating transparency, we’ll be able to streamline your shipment operations. 

Contact our Agent Relations team today to get started.