Whether you have an interest in trucking & logistics or you want to gain skills and experience in a thriving industry, the role of a freight agent checks these boxes and many more. With the wide age range of freight agents in the market, and more women and ethnic groups discovering the role, the overall diversity represented in this career choice communicates one thing: Being a freight agent must have its perks!

Somerset Logistics has put together our top 5 insights as to why becoming a freight agent might be worth considering in your future:

  1. Your Earning Potential Is Unlimited
  2. The Trucking Industry Is Growing
  3. Freight Brokerage Companies Provides Stability
  4. A College Degree Isn’t Required
  5. No Two Days Are The Same

Somerset Logistics is veteran-owned and has more than 20 years of experience serving a multitude of industries. Learn more about our Freight Broker Agent Program and join our team! 

Your Earning Potential Is Promising

While not all jobs have promising earning potential, a freight agent’s job does! Freight agents have an unlimited opportunity to capitalize on an industry experiencing rapid growth.

Freight agents have the flexibility to work remotely, determine their own hours, and expand their book of business. Your income is determined on your production, giving agents the ability to make as much money as you are willing to work for. There is no cap!

The Trucking Industry Is Growing

Freight agents are integral members in the logistics operations of the U.S. trucking industry, which accounts for roughly $772 billion in goods moving around the country and between Canada and Mexico. That’s only one impressive number in the trucking industry; over 140,000 more jobs and people were added to the industry in 2019, bringing the grand total of trucking-related jobs to 7.95 million. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics also is predicting that freight agent jobs, specifically, will grow 6% by 2029 – a number higher than the national average.

What’s contributing to this growth, exactly? The answer is simple: Every major industry needs trucking to keep their supply chains running. Some of the biggest industries include agriculture; dairy, fruit, vegetables, and nuts; pharmaceuticals; and lumber and wood.

Freight Brokerage Companies Provide Stability

While freight agents can certainly run their own operations independently, it’s well known that working for a freight brokerage company is synonymous with more stability.

By working with an established freight brokerage like Somerset, you can avoid costly start up fees and take advantage of having minimal monthly overhead. Reputable agent programs like Somerset’s offer financial stability and credibility when it comes to paying carriers and freight agents quickly. Somerset Logistics also equips its freight agents with the resources and support needed to conduct the job more efficiently and effectively.

A College Degree Isn’t Required

If you are looking for a job that doesn’t require a college degree, look no further than a career as a freight agent! Like many jobs, your personal skills and determination are what help you succeed. With patience and hard work, you will obtain the industry knowledge necessary to build long-term business relationships that are vital in becoming an independent freight agent.

According to Indeed, freight agents must possess the following: excellent communication, analytical skills, ability to multitask, a strength for networking and negotiating, and time management. At Somerset Logistics, we look for candidates with a minimum of 1+ years’ of experience, an active book of business, and the dedication to succeed.

No Two Days Are The Same

If you quickly become bored with repetitive tasks, prefer an ever-changing environment, and enjoy problem solving, then you will find all three are true in the daily life of a freight agent. Put simply, no two work days will be the same!

Whether it is morning, midday or end-of-day, a freight agent’s schedule is full and fast-paced. From scheduling pickups and deliveries, to tracking shipments and following up with customers, there is always work to be done. Other benefits wrapped into the day-in and day-out nature of the job include how you will constantly be learning, building new relationships, and challenging yourself.

If this routine and pace excites rather than overwhelms you, then you are considering the right career!

Convinced that becoming a freight agent is the next right step for you? Somerset Logistics has been in business for 22 years and established a strong reputation in the trucking industry. Learn more about the Somerset Logistics Freight Broker Agent Program and all its benefits.